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"It's beautiful. I feel like the things that you helped me see are things that we don't typically see in a conscious state. Once I dropped in, into that meditative state and you were guiding these certain things to be unlocked and to be open, then I would feel them and be like, Oh, that's there.

And so the after feeling is of a lot of release and relief because now I know what was buried under there, like subconsciously and knowing that they have been released and given back to the places where they needed to go, I feel a lot of relief and knowing that I'm not carrying it anymore."
                         -Ash Sumida
Each session is unique, meeting you where you are at and we go where you need to for your next step on your journey.

I work with our guides and healing teams to get the most out of our sessions together.

Through the experience I will be channeling messages and some of the possible things that I may assist with are: helping you clear old energies, close past contracts, removing entities, cutting cords, addressing past lives, inner child work, ancestral work, clearing money blocks, removing heart walls, DNA activations, calling back all that is here for you... and more.

Please select a date and time below.  30 minute sessions are only available for those who have attended an UnlockingU event or already had a previous session with me.