join others in reclaiming
Your power back!

  Think Of It As A Psychic Tune Up.

Or getting your soul serviced.

You know when your car has a problem and the check engine light comes on?

...If you’re stressed, anxious, not sleeping, fearful, emotional, using substances, and so on… those things are like a check engine light for your body.

It means there’s something going on or you’re out of alignment in some way, and you need to pay attention to it 

Imagine joining the live event and feeling AMAZING when you’re finished...

"Actual Results Are Important For Me, So Here’s What Some Other People Have Said After Trying This For The First Time."

"I think it was a lot deeper because I was able to just like completely shut off my brain for whatever reason. My body literally was so completely in the parasympathetic that it was able to release a lot. And I think that's a really different and beautiful way of healing. Like, it doesn't always have to be intense.  I honestly felt like a lot of divine feminine within myself being able to receive. The way John works it doesn't take much time to have the experience of healing.

I feel like it's a really beautiful merging of the masculine and the feminine where this space feels like it's a really solid container and it's like very nurturing as well. And very to the point. It's quick. It's like we don't need to like beat around the bush for this. You know, let's just get in there and do it.  And that feels safe. It feels powerful."

-Ash Monical

"Up until a few months ago, I definitely would not have been open to doing something like this. I've decided to give this a try and be open to this. And as someone who really has a tendency to hold on things and let them weigh me down. It's hard to put into words what's happened and I've done this two times, but when I opened my eyes, I feel like there's no gravity around me and kind of like, I could float away just light. And every time I wake up, I have a smile on my face. I can't put it into words seriously. It's different and amazing at the same time. And I would a hundred percent recommend trying this."
- Chase Lowe