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John's events help you release the blocks holding you back from having the best relationships, living your purpose, attracting wealth, & more.  

After, you will feel more love & clarity as your energy will feel lighter as you receive upgrades to shift your life to one you love.

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It's Time to BE REAL

Clear those stories or “identity” that no longer serve you

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Each event invites you to release the most common blocks from relationship,  purpose/income, family history, childhood trauma, and more.
 JB's Activation Event Dates

Austin, TX

Location: 3rd Eye Lounge
Date: May 23rd
Time: 4:30PM

Online - Worldwide

Date: May 19 2021
Time: 7PM CST

Houston, TX

Date & Location: TBA

Los Angeles

Sept 2021

San Diego

Sept 2021

"I've expressed before, I've always kind of operated in the masculine until this last year where I finally started to allow my feminine to come in. And then now I feel like I'm kind of at that place of needing that integration and that union, and this felt like that piece of the puzzle that allows me to merge the two. Because I'd been in the masculine for so long and it was like, I wanted to be a woman so bad. I kind of resented the masculine a little bit. And so I wasn't able to capitalize on the power of my divine masculine. And in this experience, I saw the two sides, the feminine and the masculine and the way that they just merged together and held that child, as you mentioned in the meditation. It was really, really empowering and really beautiful to know that they can hold each other and that there's forgiveness there.  So thank you for that."
-Dré pontbriand

"I saw currents. I felt currents being released, and shifted. It's completely deconstructed, confined ego beliefs and confines. I don't know how to explain that. Its such a deeper mystery.  For anybody who wants to have limiting beliefs, just get cracked open. Belief patterns that keep you keep us in a certain way of showing up and living because we're infinite beings. And so if you want to feel like an infinite being, if you want to get the ego cracked open and beliefs that you think are real then check us out."
-David Naylor