Who is John Barry?

A channeler, an energy worker, a healer, a coach, a Magi Grail King?  

Yes, those are some of the things I do and am, but I prefer to still be called John.  

Some people call me a healer, I don't like that term because #1 that requires sick people (I don't think anyone is truly sick. Yes, maybe they have
dis-ease). And #2 I am not doing the healing work, that is between you & your "Creator", I am just the facilitator that has the codes to guide you where you need to go.  We are all in this together.

Many people come here wanting to see my story, who I am, how I got here, what can I do for them?

Well my friend, that would take a while, but I do have hours of testimonials of the 100s of people (many you will find on this site) I have assisted in their journey of remembering who they truly are at their core.  I have helped people with things across the board, and it's exactly what their soul needed at that time.  Yes, sometimes it takes multiple sessions, but I am always there to do what it takes.

In private sessions, retreats and events, I channel energies, sounds and messages from my guides & healing teams in order to help you receive what is meant for you at the time.  

To learn more, go to the personal sessions page or the events page.