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Here's What Others Have Experienced At UnlockingU

"It's beautiful. I feel like the things that you helped me see are things that we don't typically see in a conscious state. Once I dropped in, into that meditative state and you were guiding these certain things to be unlocked and to be open, then I would feel them and be like, Oh, that's there.

 And so the after feeling is of a lot of like release and relief because now I know like what was buried under there, like subconsciously and knowing that they have been released and given back to the places where they needed to go, I feel a lot of relief and knowing that I'm not carrying it anymore.
-Ash Sumida

"I saw currents. I felt currents being released, and shifted. It's completely deconstructed, confined ego beliefs and confines. I don't know how to explain that. Its such a deeper mystery.  For anybody who wants to have limiting beliefs, just get cracked open. Belief patterns that keep you keep us in a certain way of showing up and living because we're infinite beings. And so if you want to feel like an infinite being, if you want to get the ego cracked open and beliefs that you think are real then check us out."
-David Naylor

Chase Was Skeptical At First...

Eva's Heart Was "Blown" Open

Jeremy Let Some .... Out

Sam Has Finally Gained Clarity...

"Up until a few months ago, I definitely would not have been open to doing something like this. I've decided to give this a try and be open to this. And as someone who really has a tendency to hold on things and let them weigh me down. It's hard to put into words what's happened and I've done this two times, but when I opened my eyes, I feel like there's no gravity around me and kind of like, I could float away just light. And every time I wake up, I have a smile on my face. I can't put it into words seriously. It's different and amazing at the same time. And I would a hundred percent recommend trying this."
- Chase Lowe

"I think it was a lot deeper because I was able to just like completely shut off my brain for whatever reason. My body literally was so completely in the parasympathetic that it was able to release a lot. And I think that's a really different and beautiful way of healing. Like, it doesn't always have to be intense.  I honestly felt like a lot of divine feminine within myself being able to receive. The way John works it doesn't take much time to have the experience of healing.

I feel like it's a really beautiful merging of the masculine and the feminine where this space feels like it's a really solid container and it's like very nurturing as well. And very to the point. It's quick. It's like we don't need to like beat around the bush for this. You know, let's just get in there and do it.  And that feels safe. It feels powerful."

-Ash Monical

"I have done lots of healing work. I have pretty good body awareness , but there's so many sensations, new ones and throbbing ones and just everywhere. So I’m still connecting and being present to all of that and ensuring that I call forth certain things at certain times. The amount of energy that was being discharged, released and then that's received again, or imprinted was definitely felt on a lot of different levels with sensations.  It was incredible."
-Jazmine Sausameda

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